President Al-Assad and First Lady, Mrs. Asma, meet students of Dar Al-Aman School for sons of the Martyrs in Tartous

Tartous, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad and First Lady, Mrs. Asma, met on Thursday students of Dar al-Aman School for sons of the Martyrs in Tartous city, celebrating with them the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday.

President al-Assad said in a speech to the students and staff of Dar al-Aman School “We are very happy with this visit today and we know that we were late… almost about one or two years … since the opening of the House, the Director of Awqaf, the Director of Dar al-Aman and all those whom we met at Dar al-Aman have told us that the students want to meet you…and we want to meet you too.”

“Our interest in you is for several reasons, but the first one is that families of the martyrs are a priority for us, not only because the martyr is a brave person who went to battle, fought, defended his country and was martyred, but because your fathers held values.. they defended them.. No one is martyred and is brave just because he is going to die, not ever… He went because he believed in a certain value, and your fathers seriously believed in many values,” The President said.

President al-Assad added that the first one we must think about is the value of faith, if they did not believe in their God, their country, and their people, they did not believe in their cause, and if they did not believe with many things, they would not have gone and defended their country and given their lives.”

“If we want the noble values of our fathers to continue and remain in people’s memories, you, as sons and daughters, must carry these same great and noble values,” the president said.

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