Shaaban: Israeli entity constitutes advanced base for the entire West, primarily US

Damascus, SANA- Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic, Buthaina Shaaban said that the Israeli occupation entity constitutes an advanced base for the entire West, especially for the United States, because their mutual cooperation is organic and historical in every field.

Shaaban was speaking at a press conference during the opening session of Al-Quds International Foundation’s board of secretaries on Saturday.

Shaaban, the chairperson of board of Trustees of the foundation stressed that events in the Palestinian arena shed light on another battle taking place, no less important than the military battle, which is the battle of narrative, language and thought used by the Zionist enemy and all its supporters in order to distort the image of the resistance and the Arabs and justify the genocide committed by the occupation entity against the Palestinian people.

Shaaban explained that the narrative adopted by the American President since the first day after October 7th is trying to remove the resistance action from its historical context and declared goals to provide the Zionist entity with an excuse and reward for all the genocide it has committed.

Shaaban stressed that the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people has trigged a social movement in the West in support of Palestine, and the West did not hesitate to use all means of force to suppress this movement, which contradicts everything the West says about freedom of expression and opinion.

Shabaan stated that the reality of the resistance proves that the West does not give weight to international law and human rights or any rights that it pays lip service to.

She added that with the recognition of the State of Palestine by 143 countries, the Palestinian issue has become a human rights issue felt by the whole world, and that this is a very important beginning, one of the fruits of determination and resistance.

For his part, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Damascus, Dr. Samir Al-Rifai, said that the goal of the Zionist enemy in the war in Gaza is extermination, which is being carried out precisely and systematically, and displacement after the destruction of infrastructure, in addition to what is happening in the West Bank, the Zionist attack on it, and the annexation plot that the occupation seeks.

Al-Rifai appreciated Syria’s clear position on the just Palestinian cause, stressing that despite all Western support for the occupying entity and its conspiracies, victory in the end will be an ally of Palestine, its people, and all the forces that stand by it.

Mhamad/Shaza Qreima

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