Cuban Embassy in Damascus celebrates the 65th anniversary of establishing Prensa Latina News Agency

Damascus, SANA-The embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus held Monday a reception on the 65th   anniversary of establishing Prensa Latina News Agency.

“The celebration is held to honor the journalists and the reporters of the Spanish-language channels and agencies for their efforts and their great role in conveying the true image and defending the just causes which the well-known dominant global agencies were hiding and not talking about,” Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Luis Mariano Fernandez Rodríguez said in a speech at the event.

During the celebration, excerpts of the documentary film “Syria resists” were screened.

The film is a co-production between SANA and Prensa Latina in 2016 and was directed by the journalist and military reporter Miguel Fernandez Martinez.

Prensa Latina News Agency was founded during the media war launched against Cuba and in similar media conditions that Syria went through.

The aim of establishing the agency was to confront the media misinformation that targeted the Cuban Revolution in a world where United States dominates most of the media that spreads lies and hatred.

Noura / Mazen Eyon

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