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May, 2016

  • 17 May

    US and Israeli made weapons bound for terrorists in Badiya seized in Sweida

    weapons-seized-terrorists-TWO missile-Israeli shells-Sweida 3

  • 17 May

    TECHNO BUILD 2016 Expo held in Damascus

    TECHNO BUILD 2016 Expo-Damascus

  • 17 May

    Reconciliation Minister meets delegations from Kefraya, al-Fouaa, Madaya and al-Zabadani

    Ali Haidar-reconciliation-delegations-Kefraya-al-Fouaa-Madaya-al-Zabadani

  • 17 May

    SANA speaks to survivors of al-Zaraa terrorist massacre


  • 16 May

    360 students evacuated from Moadamya to take their basic exams

    Students ...................

  • 14 May

    Russian aid for families at makeshift centers in al-Jenderiyeh, Lattakia

    Russian aid-al-Jenderiyeh-Lattakia 1

  • 13 May

    Australian boxing delegation holds joint practices with national team

    Australian delegation-boxing

  • 13 May

    UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuh holds press conference

    Krahenbuhl-UNRWA 1

  • 12 May

    Prime Minister inaugurates Qatana National Hospital worth SYP 2 billion

    Qatana National Hospital9

  • 12 May

    Music concert at the Opera House dedicated for Syria’s martyrs

    music concert-for martyrs