Putin: Washington interferes in states’ affairs to maintain its hegemony in the world

Moscow, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Washington is interfering in the internal affairs of states and trying to maintain its hegemony in the world and ignite conflicts in Asia and Africa.

During a speech at the opening of the Moscow Conference on International Security, Putin said that the situation in the world is changing dynamically… and many states are now choosing the path of sovereign development and rejecting Western hegemony.

Putin added: The West must be aware that the era of unipolar is over and that the multipolar world based on international laws is in the interest of all without exception.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also stressed during the conference that NATO has become more aggressive and tried to expand eastward before the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and is working to prolong the confrontation by providing weapons to Kiev and supporting Nazism in it.

Shoigu said that global security is deteriorating as a result of the West’s aggressive practices… and supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons holds the West responsible for killing civilians. “The operations of the Ukrainian army are being planned by the United States and Britain,” he added

The Russian minister added that all the West’s propaganda about our use of chemical or tactical nuclear warhead missiles in Ukraine is untrue.

Shoigu also stressed that his country continues to support Syria in the fight against terrorism until its elimination.

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