Al-Qadri: Terror and embargo are methods used by the West to hinder development process in states refuse its hegemony

Cairo, SANA-Secretary-General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria, Jamal Al-Qadri asserted the need to counteract the policy of sanctions and deprivation of advanced technology practiced by some Western countries against all states that refuse to be subjected to the West.

Delivering a speech before the 48th Arab Labor Conference (ALC) kicked off in Cairo, Al-Qadri noted that the terrorism hinders both development process and the environment attractive for investment.

Al-Qadri notified to the importance of the joint work and dialogue among all parties to the production process along with developing economic plans to overcome the disastrous consequences and considerable challenges especially faced by working class who was the most affected.

He underlined the essential need to keep up to date with the latest development in relation to the digital economy and issues of the artificial intelligence and all related issues.

“We need to follow modern policies of training and development to prepare effective and efficient human element capable to deal with the modern technology items and its requirements”, Al-Qadri underscored.


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