Army kills more terrorists near al-Tha’leh airport, repels attack on a military post in Hama


Provinces, SANA- Units of the army and the armed forces on Monday continued to launch wide-scale military operations against the Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, killing scores of them and destroying their dens and ammunition.


The army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, foiled attempts by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists to infiltrate into al-Thala’a airport, killing more than 100 terrorists and destroying a large number of vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.

Earlier, Army units killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in the surroundings of al-Tha’leh Airport and in Tal al-Sheikh Hussein in the countryside of the southern Sweida province, according to a military source.

Later, a military source said that the units defending al-Tha’leh Airport destroyed three armored vehicle used by Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists that were moving from the direction of al-Sheikh Husein hill and Khlaif hills.

Other army units destroyed a number of dens of ISIS terrorists in a special operation carried out in the northeastern countryside of the province.

An army unit, based on accurate information, carried out bombardments against dens and positions of the ISIS terrorists at the hills of Ashayheb and in the vicinity of Tal Dalfa, and on the road linking northern Ashayheb and al-Fadeen hills in the northeastern countryside of the province.

The source added that a number of the ISIS terrorists were killed in the bombardments, in addition to destroying one of their machinegun- equipped vehicles and their arms and ammunition.

On Kharba– Jbaib axis in the southwestern countryside of Sweida, a number of terrorists were killed, others were injured and a convoy of vehicles for terrorist organizations was destroyed.


Army units targeted terrorists fleeing from the surroundings of al-Tha’leh Airport towards the southwest, and attacked their hideouts in Um Walad, al-Karak, and al-Hrak in Daraa countryside, killing scores of them.

In the northwestern countryside, an army unit fired intensively on terrorists’ positions in Kafr Nasej town, leaving a number of terrorists killed and their arms and equipment destroyed.

Meanwhile, a unit of army killed a number of terrorists who tried to infiltrate to al-Ghezlan farm in the northern countryside of Daraa and destroyed two vehicles of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists with all terrorists on board on the dirt road west of Atman town.

The Army units destroyed vehicles equipped with machineguns belonging to terrorist organizations in al-Mal, Al-Mliha al-Sharkia and Sakaka villages in Daraa countryside.

In Daraa city, a unit of army destroyed hideouts of Takfiri organizations on al- Sad road, north of al-Abasiyeen bakery and to the east of doctors’ syndicate building and al-Hamadeen neighborhood east the national hospital.


The army carried out several operations against dens of terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” in the villages of Nabaa al-Sakhr and Bir Ajam in the southern countryside of the southern Quneitra province.

A number of the terrorists were killed in the operations and others were injured and their arms and ammunition were destroyed.

Meanwhile, an army unit destroyed arms and ammunition of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and killed scores of them in Abu Shabta village in the northeastern countryside of the province.

Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings and dens in Rasm al-Shouli and al-Kahtania villages in the province’s countryside.

A number of terrorists from “Jabhat al-Nusra” and other terrorist organizations were killed and others were injured in the operation.


In central Syria, an army unit, aided by the popular defense groups, clashed with terrorists, most of them members of Jabhat al-Nusra, in al-Hamra town, 40 km to the northeast of Hama city.

The source told SANA that the army unit foiled the terrorists’ attempt to attack a military post in al-Hamra town, killing 13 of them and destroying their vehicles that were equipped with machineguns.

The bodies of two terrorists nicknamed “Abu Omran” and “Abu al-Zarqawi”, who are identified as leaders of terrorist groups, were among the dead.

Terrorist groups acknowledged on their social media pages that they suffered heavy losses at the army units’ hands. They referred to the killing of a so-called “field leader” within Jabhat al-Nusra who is nicknamed “Abu Batoul al-Tunisi”.

The Army air force killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in the area surrounding al-Hamra town, Totah and al-Kastal al-Janoubi in Hama countryside.


An army unit killed many Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists as it targeted their movements in the direction of Um Sharshouh-Tasnim in the northern countryside of Homs province.

The source added that another army unit destroyed a mortar launcher and killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Hirsh Kafran, 20 km to the north of Homs city.

In the eastern countryside of the province, army units targeted hideouts and positions of ISIS terrorists in Abu Huwadit village and to the north of Sadad town on the outskirts of al-Badia desert, leaving a number of the terrorists killed and their weapons destroyed.

The Army’s Air Force launched intensive strikes against ISIS gatherings and dens in the area surrounding Jazal Oil Field and the area surrounding Palmyra city, killing many ISIS members and destroying a number of their vehicles.

Damascus countryside

 An army unit killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in a special operation that targeted their hideouts in the villages of Hassno and al-Maqrousa in the vicinity of Saasa town in the southwestern countryside of Damascus.

The army units also inflicted heavy losses upon Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in personnel and equipment during operations against its positions in the farms of Khan al-Shih.


A military source said the Army’s Air Force killed scores of terrorists, injured others and destroyed their vehicles in Tal Salmou, al-Baragheti, Maaret Masreen, and Uram al-Jouz in Idleb countryside.

The army air force also targeted terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in Abu al-Dohour, al-Shwiha, Rasm Abeid, al-Houta, al-Sahn, Tal al-Ghazal and Aydoun in Idleb countryside, killing scores of terrorists and destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.


The army destroyed gatherings of terrorists, killed many of them in the surrounding of the air force academy, al-Ashrafiya, Salah al-Din, ,Bab al-Nayrab, Kfar Hamra, Rashindeen, al-Atareb, Andan, al-Laeramoun, east of Azaz, Khanser and Khan al-Assal in Aleppo and its countryside.

Earlier, a military source told SANA that the Army’s Air Force launched intensive strikes against terrorist organizations’ hideouts in the area surrounding the Youth Housings and Magharet al-Artik in Aleppo countryside, killing many terrorists and destroying mortar launchers.

Operations against dens and gatherings of terrorists in Bani Zaid, al-Sheikh Lutfi and al-Ameriya neighborhoods resulted in killing a number of terrorists, injuring others and destroying mortar launchers.

In the western countryside of Aleppo, a unit of army directed a heavy strike agaisnt dens of terrorist organizations and killed a number of terrorists in al-Mansoura village, 10 kilometers to the west of Aleppo.

Meanwhile, a unit of army confronted terrorists who attacked the Scientific Researches area in Halab Al Jadida and killed scores of terrorists, injured others and destroyed three armored vehicles for them.

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