World Health Assembly adopts resolution on health conditions in Jerusalem and Golan

Geneva, SANA-The World Health Assembly in Geneva on Monday adopted a resolution entitled “Health Situation in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem and the occupied Syrian Golan.

A number of member countries affirmed solidarity with the people in Palestine and the occupied Golan in the face of war crimes and crimes against the humanity committed by the Israeli occupation against them.

The decision, adopted during the 76th session of the Assembly, calls for sending a field assessment mission to verify the health situation of people in the Syrian Golan living under Israeli occupation, including the captives.

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations office in Geneva,  Haydar Ali Ahmed, said that the systematic discriminatory policies imposed by the occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan and their practices to change the geographic and demographic nature and impose their occupation through land grabbing and displacement of their Syrian owners and depriving them of water resources constitute another example of the systematic violations of the occupying power in contrary to the principles of the Constitution of the World Health Organization which stressed the basic right of peoples and individuals to enjoy health without discrimination.

Ambassador Ahmad stressed the need to open the crossing of Quneitra which connects the people of the occupied Syrian Golan with their families at Homeland, particularly the students who want to pursue their education in Syrian universities.

The Ambassador went on to say that the Israeli occupation continues its brutal attacks on Palestinians, claiming the lives of many civilians, among them children, women and the elders in the camps of Jenin and Balata.

Mazen Eyon

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