Turkish intellectuals demand preventing any possible military aggression in northern Syria

Ankara, SANA-308 Turkish intellectuals, including academicians, journalists, writers and actors issued a joint statement calling for the prevention of the new military aggression that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, threatens to launch in northern Syria.

In their statement, which was reported by the Turkish newspaper “Today Zaman”, the intellectuals stressed that this possible military act in Syria lacks any correct reference, and that the pretexts that the Erdogan regime uses to justify doing it are just a pretext invented by the ruling coalition in Turkey to implement its goals and serve its interests.

The statement stressed that the new aggression will not benefit anyone but the ruling authority in Turkey, and in return, it will cause great harm to the rest of the Turkish people, in addition to the young people who are forced to fight and be killed on foreign lands for the survival of the ruling Turkish regime.

 He added that allocating huge costs for arms and war in Turkey, where millions of citizens are facing huge living difficulties in all fields, will aggravate the economic problems of the country’s citizens and the difficulties of daily life.

The statement denounced the failure of the six-party opposition alliance in Turkey to take a firm stance on the matter, warning that failure to show a firm stance towards the aggressive policy of the ruling authority would make the opposition involved in bloodshed and crimes against humanity.

The statement called on the opposition parties not to get involved in any of the crimes of the ruling authority, not to participate in that war, and to work to prevent the passing a resolution at the Turkish Parliament allowing military action, warning that silence only means the support for these crimes.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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